PARTIMI from the architectural term PARTI; the conceptual starting point for a design


Founded by London based designer Eleanor Dorrien-Smith, PARTIMI’s design aesthetic arrives from arresting prints and fluid silhouettes.

A graduate of Central Saint Martins’ Fashion & Print BA in 2008, Eleanor also worked for Mary Katrantzou, Tata Naka, John Galliano and Eley Kishimoto before launching PARTIMI in 2009.

Conceived as a capsule collection for Anthropologie’s stores in America and online, PARTIMI was met with such acclaim that Eleanor went on to present her first ready-to-wear PARTIMI collection during London Fashion Week in September 2010.

Eleanor’s sensibility to nature has kept design and sustainability running side by side in PARTIMI. As well as being a prize winner at the Fashioning the Future Awards, Eleanor has spoken alongside notable figures at Central Saint Martins’ sustainability seminar, and whilst continuing her role in this capacity Eleanor’s singular design aesthetic remains; pure, energetic and uncluttered.

PARTIMI has received press attention from Vogue UK, Vogue Italia, i-D, Tank Magazine, Marie Claire and has included UK stores 69b, Rous Iland, rêve en vert and YoungBritishDesigners.com among its stockists as well as Hong Kong online boutique A Boy Named Sue. PARTIMI has also stocked collections in two of New York City’s favourite boutiques; Albertine and No.6 Store.


“I think what Eleanor is doing at Partimi shows that great clothes can come with great, sustainable processes and materials – you can feel great wearing one of her t-shirt dresses not only because of how it was made, but because of how it makes you look!”

Caroline Issa, Executive Fashion Director, TANK Magazine

“Partimi by Eleanor Dorrien Smith is a brand with a simple clean design aesthetic, based on quality and heritage. Having an eye to the environment in the design process is just the first step in creating clothes that express both where we are now and what we want the future to be. Like every other great buy, her clothes will come to represent far more than the sum of their parts, containing memories, moments and imprints of experiences; a unique emotional patina that’s a secret shared between you and the garment.”

Alex McIntosh, Contributing Writer to i-D online and Business Support Manager at Centre for Sustainable Fashion


Do you have a philosophy? My philosophy comes from the stem of my brand name, parti – a term used in architecture referring to the conceptual starting point of a design and the thread that runs through from first ideas to product. I like things simple and direct – I always derive inspiration from my own surroundings, I want to create striking yet uncontrived designs and I want to use materials and processes that challenge tired methods. Repeating the parti mantra to myself helps me stay on this track.

What/who inspires you to design and make fashion? I’m fascinated by patterns and textures and am always spotting new print ideas. Researching new fabric possibilities is also incredibly inspiring – I like a good bit of problem solving.

What makes you want to put down your tools and walk away? Getting homesick for coastline…

What’s unique about your work? Lightness and ease – I like gentleness.

What could you do better? Everything.

Image: Kerry Dean for i-D online